About Saskia Noort

Saskia Noort (1967) is a Dutch author and columnist. She studied Journalism and Theatre Arts in Utrecht, and has two children.

Saskia is widely regarded as ‘The Dutch Queen of Suspense’. In 2003 she put the Dutch literary thriller on the map with her debut Terug naar de kust (Back to the Coast) and has since risen to the absolute top in Holland. She followed up with De eetclub (The Dinner Club), Nieuwe buren (New Neighbours), De verbouwing (The Renovation) and Koorts (Fever). Noort’s thriller Debet (Overdraft), which was published in 2013, is a sequel to her most wellknown book, The Dinner Club, and reveals the club’s true secret. Noort wrote the novella Afgunst (Envy), on the occasion of Month of Crime Writing in 2007. In 2016 Huidpijn (Skin Ache) was published, to critical and commercial acclaim. It received great reviews and ended as third best sold of the year in Holland that year, rights after Astrid Holleeder and JK Rowling.

Saskia Noort has written columns in the Dutch version of Playboy and currenly writes a monthly column in a Dutch glossy magazine called LINDA. A selection of her best columns were published in 2017, under the title 50.

Noort is no stranger to the world of prizes. Her thrillers Back To the Coast and The Dinner Club were nominated for the Golden Noose, the prize for the best thriller in the Dutch language, and she won the prestigious Prix SNCF, an important French readers’ prize, for Petits meurtres entre voisins, the French translation of The Dinner Club.

Successful films were made of Noort’s books Back to the Coast, The Dinnner Club and The Renovation. New Neighbours was adapted into a series and broadcasted on Channel Four in England. Plays based on her first two books were performed at Dutch theatres.

Saskia Noort’s book have been translated into any number of languages and published in Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and elsewhere.

A grand total of 3,000,000 copies of her books were sold till this day.